Summer Trimester

Summer is approaching! The studio is currently taking new students for summer trimester (May-August). Lessons are tailored to the learning style, skill level and motivation of the student. In order to provide a well-rounded education every student will be instructed in piano technique, music theory, functional keyboard skills (sight-reading and ear-playing), and performance. Repertoire will reflect the student’s learning needs and interests. There are a variety of options for lessons. Beginners start at 30-minute lessons and advance to 45-minute lessons within a few years. Adults are recommended to start at 45-minute lessons and advanced students should take 60-minute lessons.

Music study includes:

  • Weekly private lessons
  • Quarterly group classes
  • Bi-annual studio recitals
  • Adjudicated performance opportunities (piano guild auditions, district festival, federation, etc.)
  • Rock ensemble and other ensemble opportunities
  • Use of music technology (apps, recording and notation software, etc.)

About the teachers:

Jessica Heitmeyer, MM Piano Performance and Pedagogy, gives in-home lessons in Bexley, Ohio and Pickerington, Ohio

Ejiela Agi, BM Piano Pedagogy, gives in-home lesson in Bexley, Ohio and Gahanna, Ohio

– Jennifer Stadler, NCTM Piano Teacher Oklahoma City, Oklahoma