Guiding Your Child To Practice Piano

Plan a practice window for your child. If you know they are going to have a busy week plan ahead. Maybe there is a little time in the morning before school. If student has to spend long hours at school maybe they could use a piano in the school music room during breaks or study halls.

Make a rule that the computer, iPad, iPod, TV, etc. stay off until the practicing is done. If you make it part of the routine (like brushing teeth and taking shoes off when entering the house, etc) your child is more likely to practice without giving you a hard time.

Reward them when they complete all of their assignments each month. Maybe take them to the library, the Lego store, Starbucks, the ice cream parlor—you decide what would best motivate your child.

Remind them that performance requires practice. You can’t miss all of the soccer or basketball practices and expect to play in the games. The same is true for piano study.

Tune an ear in on their practice. Once children reach a certain age they don’t want mom and dad hovering over them while they practice. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need your guidance.

Show your child a youtube video of another person performing their piece. Record your child practicing their piece and send it to the teacher. Check to see that they are following their assigned practice steps.

Be creative and remember that your involvement is key to your child’s success.

– Jennifer Stadler, NCTM Piano Teacher Oklahoma City, Oklahoma