Piano Lessons in OKC

It is almost time for the new school year to begin and there is no better time to start lessons! The studio in Oklahoma City is currently taking new students age 5 through adult. Beginners start at 30-minute weekly lessons and progress to 45-minute lessons within a few years. Adults are recommended to start at 45-minute or 60-minute lessons. Weekend times are available.

Music study includes piano technique, music theory and functional keyboard skills (reading music and playing by ear). Repertoire is selected based on the learning needs and interests of the student. Typically, students study a combination of folk music (often learned by rote), classical pieces, and accompaniments to popular songs (learned by ear).

Lessons are taught on a Baldwin Model M Baby Grand in OKC (43rd and Classen). The studio is minutes from Whole Foods, Penn Square Mall, and plenty of restaurants making it a great location for parents to drop off their children.

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