2012 Holiday Piano Recital

The Studio Holiday Piano Recital was a huge success. There were almost 40 different acts including soloists, piano ensembles and ensembles with clarinet, viola, voice and bass! The 4-person piano ensembles were especially fun to listen to. It took a great deal of work to coordinate all 4 students playing at once but it was a joyful learning experience.

Click on this link to watch a video of one of the rehearsals: Four-Person Piano Ensemble Rehearsal

The students had smiles from ear to ear. Parents and grandparents were eager to capture the experience with their cameras and camcorders. Following the recital we spent time socializing while enjoying sweet and salty snacks and drinks.

Here is a picture of me with two student siblings.

– Jennifer Stadler, NCTM Piano Teacher Oklahoma City, Oklahoma